We've been living in the bus one month today! While that might not seem terribly long, it's been long enough (we think) to learn the major quirks and oddities of living in a bus.

I'm sure we'll discover a wealth of things as we go along, but so far these are the lessons that resonate the most.

Living tiny with a significant other is all about selflessness.

In the past we have fought frequently about the division of labor, but when you're sharing a couple hundred square feet, it really doesn't matter who does the dishes. It just matters that they get done. Picking up after each other is never ideal, but it can be the difference between a clean, zen living space and the cluttered tin can from hell.

Clean a little bit each day.

I sweep every. Single. Day. It takes all of five minutes but that five minutes means our floors stay way cleaner, and everything else gets less dusty. I do the counters at the end of each day, mop once a week, and do a deep clean once every three weeks. I used to lack discipline regarding cleaning our apartment, but the bus is much more manageable, and much less time consuming.

Don't feel too guilty to splurge on decor you really love.

Tiny living means you might get two rooms to decorate (if you're lucky) so it's important to do it right. You're going to be looking at the things you choose a lot, so take care when choosing them. If you don't love your decor, tweak it until you do.

Above all, believe in the possibility of doing.

Selling our possessions and moving into a bus is one of the scariest things we've ever done, but it's also the most rewarding. I am so glad we had the courage to begin this journey.