For the first time in a long time, my business is my life.

Hey! Andrew here. I'm Julie's SO, and I also live in the magical, blue bus. This is my first post. Get excited.

Like lots of other people, I allowed my job to take top priority: over friends, hobbies, and family. This wasn't intentional, though - it was always an accident. I found myself leaving the office later and later. When I got home, I kept working in my head: I was never really “off” and seldom “in the moment.” I struggled to maintain focus.

Jules brought up the issue, and I made a concentrated effort to check in. We pinpointed the source, talked through solutions, and set out to solve the problem. We decided that the solution that made the most sense was for me to leave my full-time job. I needed to pursue my passions.

Since I switched from the full-time job to part-time gigs, the difference in my level of focus has been night and day. I learned that you have to be vocal about what you need. This definitely applies in relationships. Being vocal about what you need creates harmony. This tip also applies if you're flying solo. Try taking a second to say your personal needs to yourself. I'll wait...

Nice job! I'm giving you an air high five while I type one-handed. I acknowledged that I needed more flexibility in my schedule, and after a few false starts and little extra effort applied, I now have the flexibility and freedom I had long forgotten.

Living in a renovated school bus echoes that need for freedom. With our new-found time, Jules and I have been able to help share and promote the ideals of the tiny house lifestyle. As part of our process, Jules and I meet each week around the campfire (yes, a real campfire) to share thoughts and ideas.

We write. Refine. And set goals. The goal setting has been clutch in staying focused. We make sure to set realistic goals, and keep each other accountable.

It's a pretty epic meeting.

One of the easiest and most satisfying personal goals that I've established is to keep a daily routine. This is a goal that I'm revisiting. In years previous, I've done yoga, meditated, or jogged briefly (no thank you). I've started taking a daily bike ride through the woods, and it helps me clear my thoughts and reconnect with what matters. Which brings me to one of the most important personal goals that has come from our fireside chats: I'm determined to connect.

This is a re-connection of sorts.

We tend to fall out of touch with our friends. Jobs, family, and time serve as convenient excuses for the rift. I'm being intentional about making time for friends, investing in relationships, and trying to live in community. It's made a world of difference.

For the first time in a long time, my business is my life. It's a great feeling: committing fully to fulfilling living.

Here's the kicker: you can do it too! You have a story to share and you have something to create, so invest in yourself. Go ahead and put it on your calendar. You can create something by the fire on Tuesday, explore a wilderness over the weekend, and reflect by the creek each night. You'll be impressed with your new level of focus, and you might be surprised to discover what drives you.

Thanks for sharing this Fireside Chat.