Yes! We shower just like you. We're still hippies: Just not dirty ones.

It's here! We're SO excited to take you on a virtual tour of our home. We hope you love it as much as we do. Special thanks to the dizzyingly talented Samuel Laubscher for capturing it so beautifully.

Welcome to our 30-foot Bluebird school bus conversion! We'll show you all the ways we've made living in a bus as functional and comfortable as possible. Want to know more about a particular part or ask about something you don't see? Write us a comment below!

The Cockpit

Yes, it runs! This area not only serves as the driver's seat when the bus is moving, but is also used for storage and an office for Mr. Butters (Okay, he's our cat. But that is his favorite spot.)

Home is, indeed, where you park it.

Living/Dining Area

Our custom fold-down table does triple duty: we eat there, work there, and it also forms the roof for our snap-in dog crate for our dog, Starbuck (whom you'll see lots of in this tour. You can thank us later.)

Our couch

Our couch was designed and built by my dad and Andrew. It lifts up to house LOTS of assorted goods inside. It also has casters to make different seating arrangements easier, as well as cleaning.

We have a lot of games. Don't judge

The Kitchen

Surprised? We have a full kitchen, with a Summit 4-burner stove, full sized sink and an apartment-sized fridge. We also have a convection oven for smaller things so we don't heat the space up with the oven if we don't need to.

Also good for shaving

Isn't he lovely?

We shower just like you.

The WC, bedroom and closet

Bathroom art. Neat.

The WC is on the left, just past the shower, and contains our RV style toilet and a cart for all our bathroom essentials. The bed lifts up for-you guessed it- more storage.

People say we have too many books

That's it for now! For behind the scenes photos, check out our Instagram @house_bus.