We love a good DIY around here, so we thought we'd bring you our favorite, fun(ctional) mason jar lamp! I made this in a single afternoon (in less than an hour), and for less than $15.

Here's a list of what you'll need:

Light cord kit

I used the HEMMA light cord from IKEA-$5

Mason jar (with lid)

The jar can be any size and color you like! I chose a blue Ball mason jar that came in a set of six- we use the others for drinking glasses.

Edison bulb

We used this 60 watt one from 1000bulbs.com IDENTICAL to the expensive Restoration Hardware, but was only $3.50.
Note: make sure the bulb you purchase is the appropriate size to fit inside your mason jar of choice



Wood screw/nail

Utility scissors


I always recommend safety gloves and goggles, because, safety. Do this at your own risk.


1.) Center the socket of your light kit on the lid of your mason jar.

2.) Trace the circumference of the socket using your Sharpie.

3.) Put on your goggles and gloves.

4.) Using your hammer and screw/nail, make small pilot holes all along the edge of the tracing.

5.) Also make a few small holes around the perimeter of the tracing to allow heat from the bulb to escape the finished jar fixture.

6.) Using your utility scissors, cut out the traced circle using the holes along the tracing to assist you. Try to avoid cutting too much- you want the fit to be snug.

7.) Insert the socket into the hole- if it doesn't quite fit, remove the socket and use your pliers to help bend the lid metal back just enough to allow the socket to fit.

8.) Once you have a good fit between your socket and lid, insert the socket and screw on your socket ring.

9.) Carefully screw in your lightbulb.

  1. Insert and screw in your mason jar.

11.) Enjoy the knowledge that you made something beautifully Pinterest worthy!

Since we essentially live in a giant metal house, we hung our light with a magnetic cup hook (we should buy stock in these), but you can hang yours however you like! Make sure your hanging apparatus is secure to avoid breaking your new light fixture.

We'd love to see your finished lights! Tag us in your photos @house_bus!