While it may surprise you that we have a closet, it probably won't surprise you that it isn't very big. How do you cull down an entire wardrobe into less than 20 items? Here's how.

I will say that since I culled down my wardrobe for this shift, I've needed much less than I thought I would.

1. Your favorite jeans

Jeans are universally acknowledged to be versatile and durable, and with a wealth of styles to choose from, you're sure to find a pair you won't mind putting frequent flyer miles on.

2. Classic chambray button down

I love these because you can wear them with almost anything and still look polished and playful. They also layer well for continued use throughout the year. Hooray!

3. The maxi skirt

I own a few of these in different colors, and they instantly make you look much fancier than you feel- super comfy style is a win in my book. Pair it with a t-shirt for casual elegance.

4. The well-made tee

A quality tee will get lots of use, plus they're extremely low maintenance. Dress it up with a chunky statement necklace or dress it down with some Keds.

5. The beautiful (washable) blouse

This lifestyle isn't about high maintenance, so the ability to machine wash things is a must (look for embellished cotton to get more wow-factor.) The right blouse can be dressy with a skirt or casual over jeans- choose one that can go either way for more mileage.

6. A tank

Tank tops make great layering pieces and are essential to surviving humid Southern summers. Choose one with great detailing that will help transition it to a stand-alone piece.

7. The double-duty day dress

A washable cotton dress can play the part of a day piece that can transition into evening or office wear with the right accessories. Again, washable fabrics are key.

8. Statement sweater

A great sweater will take your basics to the next level as well as take you from season to season. Look for one with a belt or beading to add visual interest, but don't let details speak so loud the piece is no longer adaptable to most of your wardrobe.

9. The waterproof anorak

A hooded anorak with thoughtful details can add style as well as functionality to your wardrobe. Have fun with it- intelligent style doesn't need to be boring!

10. A classic black dress (duh)

A beautiful cocktail dress can be appropriate at myriad events- weddings, premieres, even date night. This is the one instance where I have a dry-clean item that gets treated at home in between cleanings.

Obviously this list isn't exhaustive. It's a jumping-off point- a list of basics to build on. I will say that since I culled down my wardrobe for this shift, I've needed much less than I thought I would. I have my favorite pieces that get worn over and over, and the rest takes a back seat. Those overlooked items are probably ones that can get rehomed. Take a look through your closet. What items do you think are essential?