Something we encounter every year at the holidays is that we become a little overwhelmed with...stuff. Obviously, we count ourselves extremely lucky to have family and friends who love us and give us things, but it does occasionally create a conundrum: where do we put all this stuff? We've only ever lived in small spaces, but now that we live in a bus, space is even more of an issue.

My go-to for people who are interested in giving us gifts: we love consumables. For those unfamiliar with this phraseology, consumables tend to mean things that you'll eventually use up (and no longer need room for). Good examples are soaps, candles, fancy schmancy cooking supplies, you get the idea. Another idea is getting something practical that they can use every day, but doesn't take up a lot of space. Yet another option: small luxury items (think jewelry).

So if you haven't finished up your holiday shopping yet, don't worry! We've compiled some great ideas that are perfect for your impossible-to-buy-for tiny house dweller (you can find an extended list at our Amazon shop here).

For the avid reader (without tons of space):

The Kindle is the tiny-house-dweller's dream come true. All their favorite books, on the go, without having to compromise on space.

For the would-be handyman (or woman):

The Leatherman Multi Tool. Andrew has one of these and uses it, I kid you not, every. Single. Day. It has a vast selection of tools and thusly infinite uses. Not to mention that if it ever breaks, the company will fix it for you at no charge under their lifetime warranty program. Pretty great.

For your stressed friend:

Coloring books for adults are all the rage right now, and with good reason. They help promote mindfulness and relaxation in a way that's familiar and fun. This series is nothing short of stunning- even the art novice will feel they've made a masterpiece.

For the foodie:

These wines are tasty and anything but pretentious, and are sure to please a spectrum of wine fans. Bonus: they may ask you over to enjoy it.

For (almost) anyone:

This is the exact same French press that we've had for years, and it is amazing. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and looks great sitting on the counter when we're not using it. Oh yeah, it also makes really great coffee.

For more ideas, check out our full list. Happy shopping!